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Vol: III Issue: XII               December 1999                        Belleville, IL.

The HopeOver the many years since Danil Matheny and his son-in-law Solomon Day, came over from Charles County Maryland to settle the Hope Patent, and after years, and few records, Our group has tried to locate the exact location of the 500 acre plantation, known as the HOPE. The map at the right, is of the "Northern Neck" of Virginia, with the Potomac River running North towards Washington DC. This map, stretches from the (top) being the Capital Beltway, and the (bottom) being just south of Stafford, VA. This represents about 30 miles of the area. East to West, It shows, Manassas (Bull Run), to the eastern shores and parts of Maryland along the Potomac River. With the data we have collected, and exerpts from the Book "We Call Stafford Home", about the early settelers, The continuation story will offer what we think is the exact location of the lands called "Hope". The Marker shows the approximate location of the Hope Patent. For a Detailed MAP showing the actual area of the plantation.

Merry Christmas



Dave & I were very fortunate in having lots of happy Christmas moments in both the Metheny & the Cox familys. In our almost 40 years of being a family . WE have celebrated Christmas all over different parts of the world. Our first one was spent in Lewistown, Montana. We started off as a military family. So our family for Christmas the year of 1960 was spent with Air Force friends who happened to be male twins who were married to sisters. It was never a dull moment with those twins around, because they both were practical jokers.

Our next Christmas we were in Kapakasing, Ontario, Canada. We decided we wanted to go to our parents that year. So we and another Air Force couple we were friends with, drove to Indiana, and they went on to Missouri. Never thinking about the return trip weather. WE must have thought cause we were so young we were indestructable.. No, maybe I should put it this way, when you are young, you are more adventurous. Returning to Canada in late December were driving on the King's highway and drove for miles, following a semi truck driver ahead of us. I mean we were in a REAL snow storm, a REAL Canadian blizzard I might add. . When he turned to get off the road we turned right off behind him. So surely if he ended in a ditch so would we. But it was a truck stop, thank goodness, and when we went in to the restuarant everyone whooped & hollered. They could not believe we had driven the King's highway, because it had been closed for hours. I know today, that I am not as adventurous. We leave that to our son his wife. Illinois was the next Christmas I remember. It was going to be our first child's First Birthday. So we wanted the grandparents to help celebrate with us, so we traveled to Indiana so they could share Birthday cake with their grandaugter. We didn't make it the day we were supposed to.We hit a snow storm an hour from home and another two hours from our Indiana homes. . It was only 150 miles to Washington, IN. from O'Fallon, IL. But the snow came in so fast, the roads were closed ahead of us AND behind us. We got run off the road by some woman who was very apologetic, so we had to stay in a motel (In Salem,IL) untill the next day, when the roads were clear enough to travel on. Let me tell you... 19" of snow in less than 6 hours messes up travel ANYWHERE. But we all were ok and finished our trip the next day.

The next Christmas we were transferred to Calumet-Larium ,MI and Dave's sister (Mary Ann) & her husband came to visit us from Wisconsin. She really doted on our first child & was the greatest Aunt. We spent two Christmas's there .Our second Christmas there we had an addition to our family. Our son, who was about 6 months by then & the vietnam war was on everyones minds. When our first two children were about 4&2 we decided we wanted them to be able to know their grandparents. So Dave had been out of the service for about a year& a half. So we made the big move back to our hometown . So we could have some great memories with both our family's. So we stayed in Indiana for 8 years, it was the longest we had lived in any one place since we had gotten married. There were great memories of our family's Christmas's. We were so fortunate that our parents all lived long into our adult life & our children's adult lives. I am fortunate to still have my Mother. Our children's memories are I know of both their grandma's persimon pudding.Their Grandpa Metheny always playing practical jokes & his horhound candy. Their Grandma & Grandpa Cox going to all our family's houses early Christmas morning so they could watch their grandchildren eyes when they opened their presents Christmas morning. Our oldest daughter had her "buddy - old pal" which she called my father affectionately. Our Youngest who likes to be called Chris but will always be our little Tina, when only about 6 years old made everyone their Christmas present & how excited she was. How much she has always loved Christmas. Our Son and his wife who are always so generious with Dave & I at Christmas . Now we have three beautiful grandchildren that they share with us, and we get to share with them. Yes, Christmas brings back alot of great memories to us. So for all of you, have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe one too. Memories - By Rita Metheny

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The detailed map link above shows the area that was known as the HOPE. The area calculated from the deeded property. A square mile of land equals approximately 650 acres. So you can see from the map, the area was near 1.5 miles long, and about 2/3 mile wide.

What we know today as the Hope Grant is actually only a portion of the seventeenth-century patent. A deed describes the boundaries as beginning at the mouth of Hope Creek (Willow Landing) and running westward to Jackson's Branch, northward on Jackson's Branch to Austin's Run, eastward to Aquia Creek, and back to Hope Creek. Jackson's Branch is the little stream which runs through the old Wayside Park between the divided U.S. Route 1 north of the court house. The name of the missing grant was discovered recently when a deed was located detailing the early history of the property. On May 9, 1780, Alexander Doyle and his wife Eliza sold to William Hewitt for 25,000 pounds of tobacco "a certain tract of Land called the Hope, situate on Aquia River supposed to contain 500 acres, and bounded as in said deed being part of a Patent for 600 acres granted to Robert Hubbert the 12th Dec. 1654." Hubbert had sold the property to Solomon Day and Daniel Matheny on March 10, 1684, the deed having been duly recorded in the Stafford court:


Solomon Day and Daniel Matheny by their Deed of Partition did divide the said track of 500 acres in manner following Vizt. That Daniel Matheny and heirs, should hold 300 acres to begin at the upper end of the said Tract, and to extend to the back line, and along the back line, thence parallel with the first side line North east down to Aquia river up river to the beginning, the said 300 acres, and that Solomon Day and heirs, should hold the lower part of the said track, being the residue of the same, supposed to contain 200 acres and whereas the 200 acres, Solomon Day's divident, by several Descents and Conveyances, descended and came to be vested in Cleam Slye of the State of Maryland in fee simple. Who sold the same (as well as another tract of land in County of Stafford) by deed.. .and afterwards surrendered to Alexander Doyle by Deed of Surrender...

--From THEY CALLED STAFFORD HOME-The Development of Stafford County, Virginia, from 1600 until 1865, p119, Jerrilynn Eby, Heritage Books, 1997


B-Day Cake

December is a Holiday month, not as many birthdays as November, but for the MRR Members who wish to share the Month and Day of their Birthdays, we will post them here!! So Have a Happy one to:

Dawn McCasland, Dec 3rd (JohnnyDLs Dau)
Lance McCasland, Dec 7th (JohnnyDs G-son)
Kerry Dollins, Dec 19th. (JohnnyDLs Wife)
John Metheny (My Brother) who passed
away Jan 8, 1994. - 24th.


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News From Illinois and VA.

After a humongous Turkey Dinner at home in Illinois, our Family is now bracing for and waiting for Christmas. We wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone of our "extended family" a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Y2K!!

Merry Christmas
Many credits this month go to those who help. If you have anything you might want put in this newsletter, dont forget to email me. Dave Metheny. Special thanks Rita for her Memories Story, and the Pictures, we like them, and hope you all did too! And My son for the pictures... that he supplied!!

Stafford, VA.

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