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Rita 1958 I was raised in Washington,Indiana. I have three brothers and three sisters that are living. I am married to David Floyd Metheny who is a computer specialist for the HQ US Marine Corps and also has a commercial web design business on the internet. Together we run an internet based commercial genealogy site. We have three grown children, four granchildren, and one more "grand" on the way!

One of My hobbies, over the years has been collecting dolls. Whenever someone calls me on the phone and asks me what I am doing? Especially if it is my doll cleaning day, I always say, with a laugh, "That I am playing dolls." Many of the dolls that I have, have some very special memories in my life. I have been very fortunate that many people have given me dolls over my many years of collecting. So some of those memories are also of the people who gave the dolls to me.

I believe that I have inherited my love of dolls from my Mother. I have collected a lot of memorabilia of President Kennedy and his family. Other memorabilia that I have collected for over 37 years include: Elvis collectables, moviestar magazines, Life magazines, even some TV guides. Also I have hard cover pictures books of the Kennedy's.& others. Mainly, people who have been in the public eye. Some of these were handed down to me from my Mother's collection. So these contain many great memories for me. When I was a little girl, my father was in the military. So with my father gone away from home much of the time, my Aunt and Mother would take me to the movies with them. This was back in the 1940's. I was named Rita Kay. For the name of my Mother's favorite Movie Star "Rita Hayworth" and the "Kay" was taken from my Aunt Minnie Catherine Cox. Whom, I still miss today.

All the story's and laughter that we, (Mother, Aunt and my sisters) would have, when I could visit back in my hometown in Indiana. I don't think there hardly was a time, that the five of us would not get together during those visits. We laughed a lot, and reminisced a lot. Today I can still hear my Aunt saying to us girls; "I have so much fun when all you girls come home." That is a always a very special memory for me.

My collections also include salt and pepper shakers, and they too have many special memories. Not only for the what they are, but .. the history that goes with them. I can look at one set and it tells me where I have been. Another set tells me who I met along the way. Some of these sets remind me of some one that I cared very much for. Because some of my sets of shakers came from my Mother-in-law, Anna (Sheledbower) Metheny's collection. Many of my friends and family, have also helped to supply my hobby. So my collections are more for the memories that go along with the ones that I have collected. They have a history that includes many parts of my life along the way. ...

On August 29, 1943, I was born in a house in the west end of the town of Washington ,Indiana. My name is Rita Kay (Cox) Metheny. I was the fifth child. Born to Clifford Wayne Cox and Wyvetta Laverne (Hayden)Cox.

The story that my mother has told me. Is that Dr. Shields made it to the house, just in time to see what I looked like. I weighed only 4 pounds at birth, and at five months family pictures were taken with me in them..... Because they didn't think I would live. My Mother and Daddy wanted to make sure they at least had a picture of me for a memory. I guess, I surprised them all. Because I was able to make alot of memories with both my parents. Today, I believe that with the spunky Mother I have, and with the good Lord above as her helper, is the real reason I am here today. I think all of us have a purpose to be here in this big thing we call life. I have just never been so sure of what mine is. Mother, Wife, Individual or to just make a mark for my children. I know my children have taught me many things. Everyone we meet, good or bad, makes some kind of special marks in our lives. ..

I lived in, and was raised in the same house that my parents moved into right after I was born. I never dreamed as I was growing up, of leaving my Hometown in Indiana. When their, I always felt secure and loved it so much. I really had no desire that some teenagers have, that after High School, to move to the big cities. My choice was to marry the boy that I loved. I say boy very strongly, because we were both just kids when we married. My husband was in the military and until a few days after we were married, I had never been outside of the State of Indiana except over to Lawenceville, IL. Which was just across the Wabash River bridge from Indiana. At the most maybe thirty .. miles from my hometown. So to leave my little area in Indiana and move far away to Lewistown,Montana was quite an experience for a young girl that had never dreamed about living all over the country. During the last 40 years, I have lived in the Great States of Indiana, Montana, Illinois, (three times), Michigan (two times), Mississippi, Missouri, California, Nevada and Canada. I hold some very good memories and some tumbling memories of each place my family and I have lived.


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