Lisa Metheny - This is Your Life!!

By: Rita Metheny

Rita and LisaFebruary the 23 will be our oldest daughter Lisa's thirty-seventh Birthday. Like any proud Mother. I remember her Birth very vividly. As I am sure her father does. Dave and I had been married over three years and with both of us coming from large families, we were looking forward to our first child. Lisa was born while her daddy was in the military.

Lisa She was born at the Scott AirForce Base Hospitial, in Belleville IL. The day she was born. I told the doctor not to tell Dave that she was a girl. That I wanted to tell him myself. Dave said, when he came into my room after she was born. He didn't have to ask He knew, our baby was a girl simply from the big grin on my face. Also with that big smile , by the way. Right after her birth . I was sitting up in the hospitial bed eating a hamburger and french fries. To say that I was elated, would be a understatement. To this day, I feel that if I never did anything else in this world, that we call life. My children will always be to me, my greatest contribution in this roll of life.

When I got to see and take care of Lisa for the first time. At that time in the military hospital. The new Mothers would walk down together to the nursery to get their babies. They brought the babies to the door of the nursery for us. So we could take our babies back to our rooms to take care of them. Lisa was brought out to me with pink ribbons in her long dark hair. Of course, I thought she was the most beautiful gift that God could have given us.. Mother and DaughterThat little baby turned out to be a very sweet, mischievous little Tomboy. Who would have rather climb trees & take every wild animal she could find home with her.

She grew up to be a very pretty girl. She had a few bumps along the ride of life. Like we all do, along the way before becoming an adult. I think all our children have a great sense of humor like their father.

Lisa So she has been a pretty good clown even as a child. She was and still is very artistic and I think she is very good at it. Over the years, she has drawn pictures of Dave and I , of her grandmother and many friends. Also drew pictures of her children that she entered into the county fair art contests, and won a secondplace ribbon for her efforts.

So now she is a real clown. With my sister's help who is a professional clown. They go to Birthday parties, private parties and businesses to do their act. They also volunteer to do shows at nursing homes and Churches. Lisa can now do her artwork on children's happy faces. Face painting is one of her very favorite things to do. She has given us two beautifull grandchildren and she has grown up so much in the last few years. She is now a grown lady of thirtyseven. Her father and I both are proud to be called her parents as we are with all our other children. She is to us a gift of life. Lisa, this is for you, I hope you will remember all the good memories and the love as a Mother I have for you..... Your Mother.

Here are a few more pictures of Lisa, now and then.. along with her family.

Daddy and Lisa
Lisa and her Daddy
Lisa and Kenny
Lisa and Kenny
Jason and Destiny
Ken's son Jason and his daughter Destiny
Jeff and Alicia
Lisa's children, Jeff and Alicia
Alicia Marie Metheny
Jeffrey Myles Metheny
Lisa and Tracey
Lisa and Tracey Miller
Lisa and Alicia
Clown Mom and Daughter
Lisa at 10
Three Clowns
The Three Clowns
Home Brew Glamor Shot
School Days
Lisa School picture

Now Dad gets to put in a few words!! Lisa was our first born, and an avid watcher of Yogi Bear on the TV. I appropriately named her "Boo Boo". Even today around me, she still hears that quite often.. Also even to the point of calling Alicia "Little Boo". But Lisa knows that I always use the nicknames, as pet names of affection. That was the way I was raised. She also knows that Dad always thought he was right. But even right or wrong, we have always shared a special affection, even without words... You still are my baby, Boo. Love ya! Dad.

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