My name is Rita Kay Cox (Metheny). My COX line centers in Southern Indiana, Daviess, Knox and Greene Counties. The HAYDEN line centers also in Southern Indiana, Daviess, Pike, and Dubois Counties, and some in Southern Illinois, Hamilton County area.. My SMITH line centers in Pike County Indiana, Dubois County, Indiana, and Possibly Kentucy or Tennessee.

RITA KAY COX (Metheny) b. 29 Aug. 1943 Daughter of Clifford Cox and Laverne Hayden Cox.
CLIFFORD WAYNE COX b. 1 Jun. 1915 d. Jun 1987 Son of Luther Robinson Cox and Louetta Slusher Cox.
LUTHER ROBINSON COX b. Oct 5, 1891 d. Oct 8, 1970 Son of Wilbur A Cox and Minnie Storey Cox.

THE COX LINE Decendency of the COX line from bef: 1860.

THE HAYDEN LINE Decendency of the HAYDEN line from bef: 1830.

THE SMITH LINE Decendency of the SMITH line from bef: 1815.

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