"My Mother"

By Rita Metheny


This page Is for my Mother, who raised my sisters and brothers and me, mostly alone. There were eight of us and six of us are still living. When we get older and raise our own, we realize how giving our Mothers are. I remember that Mom had to work to keep food on the table and everything else children need. My Mom is a very private person. My father was not always around and didn't come back into my life until I was pregnant with my first child. So while I was growing up, It was my Mother, and us kids.

Mother worked at R.C.A. and had to travel 120 miles each day. Only one night that I remember, that she could not make it home from work to us kids. I remember the one pretty dress she wore to our school play and on special occasions, never realizing it was the only one she had to wear. When it was a basketball ticket I wanted, she made sure I got it. A new coat, I would get it. Someway, she would rob "Peter to pay Paul", as she would say. She would get up early in the morning, before work, and would fix us hot chocolate and oatmeal, for me to warm up for us kids. This was before I was old enough, and before she trusted me enough to do it. I know it was around 3:00 or 4:00 A.M. I can remember her ironing and getting the old wringerwasher and tubs out on the weekend, and saw her hands bleed. If this had been me I might have given up. But she did this all, for the love of us kids.

I remember the days when she was layed off from work, and I would come down the alley from school, at noon and be so glad she was home. She would be washing clothes and I could smell the beans cooking, that I loved as a kid, not realizing we had them so often, because of our budget. The thoughtful way she kept things I gave her as a child. The very first Mothers DAY card that I was so proud of, I bought with my very own money. Today, it hangs in a frame in my bedroom. She kept it all these years and gave it to me a couple of years ago, and believe me, she kept it a long time, because I am past fifty years old now.

I remember when there were only three of us kids left at home (the others had married). We would wait on our big front porch, waiting for Mom to get out of her ride from work on Fridays (payday). Because that was the day we shared with Mom. We sat on the porch in the summer and had our baloney sandwiches and shared half of a pepsi for each of us and potato chips. Which for my brother and sister and I, was a treat. I remember a few years later, when I was a teen, On our Friday night and Mom made a boxed pizza and she wanted us kids to try it. "No way", we wanted to stick with our baloney sandwiches. By the way, I do now eat pizza and love it. But wouldn't ever try it until after my husband got me to try it years later. As I said before my Mother Is a very private type person, But I wanted to write this for her, to let her know now, how much I truly love her. A lot of my memories of Mother, will be with me forever. There is alot more I could write about my Mother and her strength. But, these were only the small things. But being that my Mother is a very private person, we all still want Mother's approval.

This is what this page is for. "My MOTHER", whom I think is the greatest person on earth. As my older sister said, "the reason that I have had the strength to raise my kids, is from the strengths we saw in Mother". I know my brothers and sisters must all feel the same.

-- Rita --

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