Rita's Photo Page Two

Dave & Rita California 1982

Wedding 1960

Collage of Family Pictures: Lisa, Rita, and Tina
Jame T Smith
This is my Grand Mothers father "James T. Smith", Born 1864, in Southern Indiana. Any Information or connections to him, will be appreciated. Married Miranda Moore around 1882. Children: Dessie May, Arthur, Elizabeth, Leona, and Marie. Some Children born in Birdseye, Dubois County, Indiana.
Grandma Rumble
My Grand Mother: Dessie May (Smith) Rumble
Daughter of James Smith
These are pictures of My Mother (Laverne), and her two sisters. Grandaughters of James T Smith above.

Rita & Dave 1960

Rita &Dave 1958

Rita & Dave Christmas 1960

Rita, Dave and Lisa 1964

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