Rita's Photo Page Three

Center is Our Five Granchildren: Alicia, Aaron, Carson Kay, CJ, and center bottom, Jeffrey.

Little David Michael

Baby Lisa 1964

Little David Michael

Rita and Alicia

Aaron Michael 2003

Charles Jacon (CJ) 2003

Aaron and CJ 2003

CJ in 2002

Rita & Tina 1969

Grandpa Floyd, David & Lisa

Alicia 2003

Lisa and Alicia 2003

Jeff and Alicia at the Skating Rink

Jeff and Kayla 2003

David, Lisa and Boys at Disney World

CJ the Hockey Player

Lisa and Tina - Glamor Shots

Drawing with inset picture

Alicia Marie

Alicia Ballerina

Lisa and Alicia at Halloween

Lisa, Alicia, and dog

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