Christina Michelle (Metheny) Obernuefemann

By Her Mother, Rita K. Metheny


June the twentyforth was our youngest daughter's 32nd.Birthday. Dave and I were very busy with preparing to go to my '40' Class Reunion. We were also traveling back to Illinios from Indiana on Tina's (Christina) Birthday. So we missed seeing her on her Birthday this year.

Christina The day of her Birth I truly remember. Like with our other two children. They all were our gifts from God. Children are very special gifts who show us life. Tina was a very big surprise for her father and I when she was born. I was almost seven months pregnant before the Doctor told me I was for sure going to have a baby. I knew I was, just the Doctors and Dave were not so sure. I even made a bet with Dave that I was pregnant. Which he brought my money that he owed me from our bet to the hospital after he seen our new baby. With a big grin on his face he handed me a hundred dollar bill . She was our miracle baby. I am sure it is a bet that her dad was glad to lose.

She is one classy lady now. I have always said that she is my breath of fresh air. She has been tested alot about life in the last three years. To say that, I as a mother am proud of her would be a understatement. But of course I am sure you all know how mother's are. I think their must be a saying someplace. Which says that you can not tell a Mother anything about her children. That she already knows they are perfect. Of course I know our children are not perfect but they have given us alot of joy.

Christina, of our three children was very independent at a very early age. She could walk in the house from school as a child and light up the room for me with her excitement just about life. Her nick name as a little girl affectionly was "motor mouth". I think when her feet would hit the floor in the morning she was always bubbling over talking. She loved rocks as a little girl and where ever we would camp, Tina's rocks would go in the camper with us. We were traveling across state when she was small and there was a great big rock quarry we were passing by on the highway. I seen her eyes light up & I knew what she was thinking, So did her father.. Her father was driving and she tapped his shoulder and she said "Daddy are we going back this way on the way home?" He told her yes we probably would. Why? She said "Because I bet their are alot of pretty rocks back there."

She had to put her life on hold for awhile and took care of someone she loved very much. She is now going back to college and has made high honors this semester. She is studying to be a teacher. Even with her busy scheldule she still is taking care of someone. She has helped her dad and I in so many ways. She is constantly a taxi cab for Jeffrey and myself. with her father away. The kind of teacher that she wants to be of speciality challenge children or the physically challenged.

I think she would be good at that, because she has such a good perception of children. With our grandchildren , She is their special Aunt Tina. With her sister and brother I know they are as proud of her as much as her father and I are. Even with the many times when she was small and I would say to her brother and sister please just give it to her so she will be quiet. Which we still laugh about today. I think with whomever she spends the rest of her life with will be a very lucky person. Because our little motor mouth is a very caring ,loving , young woman.

Tina, I hope you know how much you are loved. As parents I am glad God picked you out for us to be your parents. You will always be a breath of fresh air to me and I know your father feels the same. You always light up my life .

Pictures from Our "Tina's" Life.

Tina & Alicia
Tina and Alicia Marie
Tina & Jeff
Tina And Jeffrey
With CJ
Tina with CJ
Tina & Dawn
Tina with Dawn
(Doug's sister that she helped care for).
Tina and David
Tina with Brother David
Grade School
One of her school pictures
Our Three
Tina with David & Lisa
Tina & Blue
Tina & Blue

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